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Parkville Netball Competitions aims to provide:
- competitions and programs to suit all levels of Netball participation in a friendly and professional environment.
- player, umpire and coach development from the novice to the skilled.
- training and development opportunities for court/umpire supervisors and first aid personnel.
Our profile:
Parkville Netball Competitions is recognised as the largest domestic netball competition in Victoria. Based at the State Netball Hockey Centre, approximately 500 teams and 5000 players participate at Parkville each week. Parkville Netball Competitions operates all year round, only breaking for Easter, Christmas as well as School and Public Holidays.
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Parkville Netball Coordinator:
Monday, Tuesday & Friday
Parkville Netball Assistant:
Shane Chung : 9321.2251 or shane.chung@parkville.netballvic.com.au
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
State Netball Hockey Centre

Parkville Netball
10 Brens Drive
Enquiry line during competition hours: (Mon - Fri: 6 - 11pm, Sat: 7:30am - 3:30pm, Sun: 6 - 9:30pm)