Pre 1969 - Netball has been played in the Parkville/Royal Park vicinity for a long period of time. The location of the courts and the organising committees have changed a number of times over the years.
1969-1991 - Victorian Netball Association (VNA) played out of the previous State Netball Centre, where there were 4 indoor and 20 outdoor courts.

1992-1999 - VNA was renamed Royal Park Netball Association (RPNA) in 1992. Royal Park was a strong, competitive Association and produced the likes of Eloise Southby-Halbish.
1999 - In 1999, the government built the State Netball Hockey Centre and Netball Victoria took control of the competitions. Consequently RPNA folded.  
2001 - The State Netball Competitions were established and operated from the new venue.
2002 - The competitions changed name in 2002 becoming Parkville Netball Competitions. An independent advisory group was formed at this point to provide support and advice to the competition administrator.  Parkville Netball Competition's has steadily grown over the years, to become the biggest domestic netball competition in Victoria.