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Hadfield Netball Club

The Hadfield Netball Club is a volunteer based club established by a team of mums looking to provide their daughters with an opportunity to keep active. 20 years on we have 14 teams engaged in competition at all levels (Set – Premier Open) and run a NetSetGo program. In recent history we have worked towards strong club interaction and have developed an annual presentation function which sees all our players, family and friends come together.

Our mission is to promote healthy living through an active, fun and social environment, allowing girls to enhance their ability and become the best they can be. We aim to build upon a variety of skills by encouraging girls to take on coaching and umpiring, and providing them with the training to do so.

We cater to a range of abilities with our junior levels focused on equal court time and learning a variety of positions, while also offering a competitive environment for those who wish to challenge themselves and push into higher levels. Hadfield aims to provide a balance between an enjoyable social atmosphere and the strive for improvement and success.

Hadfield Sporting Club, Martin Reserve, Hadfield

Monday 4:30pm-6:30pm - NetSetGo, 13&U, 15&U
Wednesday 6:00PM-8:00PM - 17&U, Rep Teams (15&U, 17&U, Premier Open)

Contact:               Kathryn Van Der Heide     0419 357 154    

Twitter:                @hadfieldnc
Facebook:           Hadfield Netball Club
Team App:          HadfieldNC