2019 Netball Victoria Registrations Available

Parkville Netball Competitions, Tue Jan 8, 2019 11:21AM

2019 Netball Victoria Registrations and SGVs are Available 


In accordance with the Competition By-Laws, all players, coaches, team managers and club committee members participating at Parkville Netball must have a current 2019 Netball Victoria registration.  


Players who failure to have a 2019 registration will result in their team being penalised four (4) points for using an unregistered player.


Not being registered will also mean that the person will not be eligible for any insurance claims resulting from injuries sustained during training sessions, warm-up periods or fixtured matches.


If players have already paid their registration elsewhere, they still have to go through the Parkville Netball portal to nominate which of our clubs/teams they want to be tagged to. Players who have not done this will be highlighted as being unregistered.  The registration fee will only be charged in the first instance.  All subsequent teams that a player registers for is done so at no charge.


To access the Parkville Netball's Registration Page, please click here.  


Alternatively, if you are not going to be a regular player in 2019, you can purchase a Single Game Voucher, which will cover you for one night/day of competition at Parkville.  These can only be purchased only by clicking SGV .


For assistance, please contact Shane on 9321-2251.


Last updated: Tuesday January 29, 2019 3:15PM